Engineering Your Dreams With Us!!!


Too-See is a proud provider of high quality engineering services and equipment. Our services and products include but are not limited to:
1 Mechanical engineering supply, design, construction, installation, maintenance and repairs of pumps, valves pressure vessels, and piping;
2 Civil & structural engineering supply, design, construction, maintenance and repairs of drains, culverts, waterways, buildings, and steel structures;
3 Electrical supply, design, construction, maintenance and repairs of high and low voltage electrical systems.

Engineering Services

Mechanical Engineering

Supply, Design, Modifications, Installation, Repairs & Maintenance of:

Electrical Engineering

Supply, Design, Installation, Commissioning, Repairs and Maintenance of:
AC/DC drives,Servo drives,CNC machines boards,VFDs and PLCs etc .

Civil and Structural Engineering

Supply, Design and draughting of:
Load bearing slabs and columns,Beams and Frames.

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